Friday, March 14, 2008

Too smart for my own good

Before Eli's nap each day I usually spend a few minutes cuddling with him. I used to tell him I couldn't, not wanting to form "bad habits," but then one day I realized, "Am I nuts? He's not going to ask me to do this forever." So, now I do it. The first day I said yes it took him by such surprise that his response was, "You can? Why could you?" And now, just about every day, when he asks and I say yes, he says "Why could you?"

Today as we got comfy he asked if I was going to go soon (I always give him a one minute warning) and I said yes. He said, "Why will you go?" And I said, "Because I can do things while you sleep, like cook and clean...." And in a sort of quiet sing-songy voice he repeated it back to me: "Cook and clean and watch television..."


It's not as if the first thing I did when he fell asleep was go grab that piece of carrot cake I snuck into the cart at the supermarket when he wasn't looking and then settle in on the couch to watch the episode of The Hills I knew Tivo had waiting for me. Geesh. It's not like I did that. No.

I checked email first.


Arizaphale said...

And was there anything nice waiting? I usually check my blog. It is my chief source of procrastination. Like now when I am at work and meant to be writing a submission. Which reminds me....gotta go.....enjoy the carrot cake!!

Anna said...

I am so with you on the naptime habits.And bad tv, too.

Ann-Marie said...

I realize this post was awhile ago..I found your blog when I googled "" and found your post about THE BAG.
I do this off peoples bodies bec. we live an hour away from any decent shopping.
Also, I LOVE to watch my tivo of the Hills..although I have to do the "eat chocolate cake and watch" after bedtime!