Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm trying to win some jeans here, people

The task was simple, really: post a photo of yourself in, um, "unfortunate" jeans. The number of photos (1) I could put my hands on was drastically smaller than the number of jeans in this category that have been in my possession (too many to count). I mean, let's face it, I went to high school in the 80s. Enough said.

This particular photo is from college, probably 1988, just after a squash tournament (hence, the giant squash ball on the wall and my post-match hair-do). Let's count the sins:

The jeans are Levis, which would be fine, except I went and bleached them to make them extra special. (See that blotchy effect? That's exactly what I was going for. God, I was proud.)

I also pegged them myself. Not with the patented peg and roll technique that Katie Holmes has been trying to reintroduce to the world, because that was SO 1986. No, I turned those suckers inside out and put needle and thread to the inseam. This meant they were skin tight from hip to ankle (the hip-to-knee portion thanks to the freshman 15 that had become old friends by this point).

And let's just all praise some higher being that I didn't then tuck them into my oversized socks (which were squeezed into my undersized loafers). I mean, I tucked in my oversized sweater, so it does leave me wondering why I didn't follow suit down below. Thank heavens for small miracles, I guess.

Added 1/23/09: I WON!!

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