Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well, I haven't done particularly well getting this blog up and rolling, have I? You know what happened? Right about the same time I started the blog I also discovered even more blogs that I just fell in love with. I already had a short list of women's blogs that impressed me beyond words but my recent finds really took it to a new level, not just in the quality of the writing (which is impeccable) but also in the topics these women address. Their words make the most mundane events poetic and the most tragic situations palpable. These are books I can't put down; these are blogs I can't live up to.

But the conclusion I've come to is that I don't need to. I admire these women and I drink in their words. My own words still need to be said. Sure, I won't think they're as eloquent and I'll probably never have Starbucks wanting to advertise on my blog, but I still need to say them, right? Today seemed like a good day to start. One blog where I've been lurking is Picture This, run by a very talented and wise photographer, Tracey Clark. She's just instituted Thursday Themes and I happened to have a shot I like for today's theme: SPIN!

So, in keeping with the theme I'm dusting off this blog and taking it for a little spin and I'm sharing the shot of Eli and David up top. Let's see how long we can keep this thing moving. :)


biscuit said...

Hi there,

Found you through Picture This, and I love your shot!

But I also love what you said. I'm a relatively new blogger, and I love it, mostly because I love the greater community of bloggers. I enjoy reading the words of interesting people, and they inspire me to chronicle my life, too.

hope to see you out here on Picture This again! Or stop by sometime!

tracey said...

YAY!!! Welcome to the fun and games of Picture This! Thanks for the kind words. I am thrilled you've delurked. This shot is perfect for the theme and just a great shot all around. Welcome again and keep on bloggin'!

tracey said...

BTW, this is Tracey from Picture This. : )