Friday, June 29, 2007

First thought: Now THIS is something I could get behind

I saw a little blurb on Parent Dish about a fascinating trend (though "trend" may be too strong of a word - let's use "thing" instead) that is being called Trash the Dress.

Fascinating. (In a I'd-like-to-have-an-excuse-to-put-my-pretty-white-dress-back-on kind of way.)

Women everywhere (or at least in several large cities across the U.S.) are putting their wedding dresses on, getting dirty, and having it all captured on film. Fun for the bride; fun for the photographer. I didn't love all the photos (misogynistic much?), but some really drew me in. The underwater shots, for example. I could get into looking all pretty and flowy and ethereal. And something seems so freeing about donning this pristine (pristine because I paid what amounted to a full month's rent on my first apartment to have the thing cleaned) object while paying no attention to what comes in contact with it.

But what if you do this and don't get any gorgeous shots? Then at the end of the day you're left with a dirty, stinky dress and some ugly photos. Or what if you sign up and your big day comes and then you can't even zip your dress up? *Ahem*, not that that would happen to me, I'm just saying that some poor soul who hadn't worked out since the wedding might be sorely disappointed when she tried to slip back into her cinderella costume.

So I think I'll just leave my dress stashed in its hermetically sealed container where it will slowly turn a pale shade of yellow until my son announces his engagement, at which point I will sprint to the basement, grab it from its shelf, and transport it to the waiting arms of my future daughter-in-law to-be because of course she'll want to wear it since she'll be just like me.

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