Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fair, Not Fair

It's Theme Thursday again. The theme is "Fair" and I had to stretch pretty hard to find something that worked. We didn't visit any fairs this week, but we did suffer certain injustices. Specifically, my poor husband has diligently watered two small tomato plants every morning and night for the last few months. He had three tomatoes growing - until a few days ago, that is, when we noticed one missing. And then the next morning another. Animals - it doesn't matter what kind, but let's assume raccoon since that's what we tend to see around here - had taken the literal fruits of his labor. NOT FAIR.

BUT, there was one left. Not quite ready for picking, but close enough, and we couldn't risk losing it. He snatched it from the plant, ferried it inside, and we devoured it in three minutes flat.

Two for the scurrying nocturnal creature; one for us. FAIR ENOUGH.


leeshamak said...

That's fair! I bet that racoon had the meal of his life with your beautiful tomato~ it looks so yummy!

Cari said...

So not fair that they got snatched away! Glad you guys grabbed one for yourselves!

Mandy said...

Maybe the raccoon or squirrel thought it not "fair" he only got 2! LOL! Glad you got to enjoy one. I'm watching my neighbor's house and they told me to help myself to eggs and tomatoes, so hopefully the squirrels left me some! :) (there's lots around here)

Arizaphale said...

Nice tomato shot too! Was confused until I read the story but that's what makes Theme Thursday so great don't you think?? Better luck with the tomatoes next year! :-)